Real Testimonials From Real People

The testimonials below are 100% real and represent just a small sample of the dozens of communications we receive each and every month here at One Source.

Lily Deng

UK - London

Hi, my name is Lily Deng. My passion is self-discovery—finding ways to engage my best self and live a quality life. Many wonderful events in my life have made me want to find out how things work and how our mind develops. I am currently working towards a Masters in Psychology.

I find Qigong exercise can put me in a great state, back to balance and root me in the ground. So, I feel really excited to share this exercise to the world; it is an ancient Chinese exercise, that has been practiced for more than 4,000 years. Qigong is a human science.

I want to live my full potential; I have been engaging personal growth for several years now. I feel so grateful to find Once Source system on my path, they encourage me to live a life I desire, with the system and an accountability buddy’s help, I am making conscious and constant progress in a daily basis. I feel I can soar in life. Thank you, Patrick, and thank you Law of Attraction. I think I attracted his system into my life. Yes, I am a fan of Law of Attraction, it works for me.

I am very excited to be a life coach in this system, I have wonderful experience that I can share on how to use the system. I love to help and to see many people to better themselves, to succeed with the help of One Source system.

Qigong - Practitioner & Coach

Sevak Demirdjian 

Limassol (Lemesos), Cyprus

"After completing the 30 days training offered by One Source Personal Development, as a Life Coach, I can ensure that the system created by Patrick is a powerful system which will help you to understand yourself more, specifically it will help you to know where you currently are in your life, so that you create your own path to where you want to be, which in my opinion are the two most important things in life if you want to become successful. 

Also the idea of appointing a special personal consultant from the first day of your training till the last day which in my case was Steve Brookes, gives you extra daily support to keep you consistent and disciplined. I believe I was lucky to have Steve as my consultant who was very helpful, prompt in answering my daily questions, he knows how to deliver daily messages to keep you consistent and disciplined by following up politely."

Life Coach
Founder and Director at S. DEMIRDJIAN TRADING LTD

Liz James


An introduction to the One Source personal development system provided me with very valuable insight into a systematic method of becoming aware of, establishing, and maintaining a healthy balance in key areas on my life. By following this Focus – Balance – Purpose approach, I was able to highlight specific aspects of my relationships/health/personal growth and finances that I needed to direct my focus towards on a consistent daily basis. 

I really enjoyed the weekly classes and felt guided and supported throughout by the One Source consultant who acted both as an accountability partner and who offered a one-to-one weekly session to reflect on and ask questions about the system. 

This system provides a valuable framework for individuals to firm up their own personal development journey and a great opportunity for individuals to help others benefit from this approach.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jean-Pierre James Elsener


After having completed 30 days using the One Source Personal Development Network system I can
only praise the system's value.
It is concise, clear-cut and easy to use.

The way the system keeps the user focused on the steps he or she wants to take is non-intrusive and

Amongst the goals I had set at the start of my trial period was keeping me on the road to finishing
and publishing my second book 'The Secret World of The Olive Tree – Unmasked'.
I did so ahead of schedule even though I had to work to a challenging and heavy schedule at work at
the same time.

I doubt I would have beaten my own deadline without having had the support of the One Source
Personal Development Network's coaching and feed-back system.
I can recommend the One Source Personal Development Network system to anyone seeking to
improve their personal and professional life by raising their own standards in a friendly and lasting

I for my part enjoyed working with my consultant Shaun a lot and have decided to continue using
their services and make it part of my daily routine.

Jean-Pierre James Elsener
Montres Edouard Lauzières S.A., Switzerland

Mandeep Panu

Ashford U.K. 

I had the opportunity to work with Patrick on the 5-week program and got to learn and use the system that he has created. Within this short time of using the system, i gained focus on the most important areas of my life. I had the opportunity to evaluate my life using the system and took action to improve the areas that need attention. Patrick supported me through this process and taught me how to use the system which is easy to use and really works. Patrick has a wealth of business knowledge and makes an exceptional Personal Development and Business Coach. 

Personal Development Coach for Professionals | Interim HR Business Partner

Stephanie Clarke 

Wales U.K. 

"I started using the one source open development system 3 months ago. Having gone through depression, my life was a mess. I decided to look for a way to make changes.

This system works perfectly! It has helped me focus on what is important to me. From my relationships, my health, personal development and finances by creating healthy consistent daily habits.

Working alongside a consultant has considerable benefits! They will keep you on track if you need it, reliable and available every day.
I will continue to use this system in future, I have been given life long tools that will help me grow and improve every aspect of my life.
Onwards and upwards!"

Zahra Sarmadi

London U.K.

As a busy mum of two young children, thinking about my personal development had taken the back seat but thanks to the One Source System, I managed to regain my focus on the areas that really mattered to me. 

By using the system, I made daily commitments which have moved me closer to my goals. The daily email exchanges and the one to one weekly sessions that I had with one of the consultants made me feel supported and encouraged.

I recommend using the system for anyone who wants to get clarity and focus to pursue his/her dreams.

Mufaddal Abdulrasul


The 30 day program positively changed my life and helped me grow into a better, happier and more effective individual. It enabled me to bring focus to the weak areas of my life and taught me how to live a balanced life, while also relentlessly pursuing my goals. It also helped me beat procrastination and form better habits among other benefits.

The consultant assigned to me, Eylul Arif, was incredible! She followed up with me daily, motivated me every step of the way and was completely dedicated to my self-improvement.

I continue to use the system to live a more holistic life applying the principles taught to me. I am extremely grateful to Patrick and One Source for making me a part of this program and equipping me with the invaluable tools to become the best possible version of myself.

Catherine Chadwick

Battersea London UK

I have just finished 30 days on this programme and I must say it has been extremely valuable to me. Not only has it made me ’up my game’ in various areas of my life, it has made me more committed to myself in general and has brought more to the forefront those activities that are actually important to me that I want to develop, like my hobbies, that I had consigned to the ‘when I have more time’.

The weekly training sessions are of a high standard and beautifully presented by Patrick. I was assigned a personal consultant, Shaun who was motivating and encouraging, was clearly invested in me getting everything I could out of the programme as well as being a thoroughly nice person. The daily email contact and being accountable are some of the strengths of this programme.
I have every intention of continuing with what I have learned and I can’t recommend this programme highly enough.

Owner - Jade Pillow Face Therapy 

Wendy Stuckley

Boston U.S.A.

I have been working with my consultant at this stage for over 90 days and the results have been absolutely amazing. I was in the market for a life coach when I came across Larry's details on a local blog. It sounded really interesting and even through it wasn't exactly life coaching I thought why not give it a try, which was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

If you are in the market for a life coach, personal development coach or just need some help getting your life back on track I really encourage you try this system. It really is amazing !!

Shaun Parker

Cornwall U.K.

Early in 2020 I was introduced to the ‘One Source Personal Development System’ and spent an intense six months training learning and living the system. This included tracking myself on a daily basis and weekly one on one sessions with a certified One Source Personal Development Consultant.

During this six month period, I completely changed my limiting beliefs and learned to wander outside my comfort zone and achieve things I previously believed out of reach. Currently I’m well on my way to returning to a weight I haven’t been in over twenty years and have so much more energy and confidence in myself. I've improved my relationship with myself, most importantly my family and in fact everywhere in my life, my focus is the best it has ever been and I'm well on my way to financial independence and happiness.

I’m now a fully certified One Source Personal Development Consultant and on track to do this full time in 2021.

Ghazaleh Pouyan

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I found this program very helpful. I had previously learned about how to plan my day and measure my performance but for some reason I never really acted on it.  However I found this system to be very simple, easy and practical so I had no issues putting it into action. 

In addition this measurement motivates me indirectly to take action and go for the tasks much more than when I didn't have this measurement system, and I am thankful to you for that. 

The weekly one to one  consultation sessions were crucial to me because without those nothing would change. I personally prefer one more part that includes group interaction or question and answer or sharing experiences, that could also be embedded in weekly general sessions.

Computer Engineer

Sulekha Ujoodha

London, England, United Kingdom

I wanted to thank you for the opportunities of getting to learn about your method and system for personal development. It is very well thought through and structured. The five sessions are great and as things unfold it does make a lot of sense. I learned a lot more about what I am able to do and achieve. 

My passion is for myself and my purpose about my life involves my loved ones, my colleagues and many other people. The five second rule also helped in shifting the not so favourable thoughts and desires out of my head and my feelings respectively. I would definitely recommend this program to all.

The personal development consultant assigned to me was Felix Walker. He is amazing and is a young man of many talents. He is patient, good mannered, intelligent and comes across as someone who is going to do very well as he has courage and strength.

Ocean Cruising Ambassador at MSC Cruises

Lisa Davis

Kent UK

I have just completed the 30-day program which, together with Patrick’s guidance, enabled me to focus on areas of my life which were out of balance. 

The system is very simple to use but effective and the training was thought provoking. By following this system has made me realise how important it is to have focus, balance and purpose in your life to be completely fulfilled. 

Patrick was my personal consultant and I found him to be very personable, honest and had a wealth of knowledge to share.

Lisa Davis, Kent UK

Ewa Konstantynowicz 

London UK

I have always been very sceptical about online services, actually about any online shopping. It was always a challenge to buy something,  which I couldn't touch taste or smell, not to mention a product that does not have physical form.

And then pandemic and lockdown happen. My whole world changed, I had no choice but to get out of mine comfort zone.
I discovered infinity potential, not only on daily shopping, but all different services, which can be delivered online. The best part of my discovery was that I could switch my hospitality job to work from home, or any place in the world.

While I study Bob Proctor ``Thinking into Results" mindfulness program, as an experiment i connect online with One Source, absolutely not knowing what it is all about, and what I can expect. I do believe there was no accident.

From the first webinar I had the feeling that I'm working with professionals, creative people who are concentrated on achieving my goals. I Had access to training and webinars, but what's the most important I had was my accountability partner Shaun. The technique Patrick and Shaun use is mind blowing- powerful, but simple.

One Source is transparent, I had no doubt on any of the stages on my course how my training was going, how my progress looks like- I could always get constructive feedback. I realize how important it is to have a coach in this journey, someone who is focused on your progress, and 24/7 support you. 

That's the huge value , which helps you to improve all of the areas in our life.

Ewa Konstantynowicz, London UK
Hospitality Sector Professional

Monica Moldovan 

United Kingdom

The One Source training is life-changing and I encourage everyone to take part in this one month challenge (or maybe I could call it commitment, because this is the key “you must commit”)

If you struggle to create healthy habits if you want to find your purpose or you just want to become disciplined, or improve your knowledge to help your clients, this is a MUST training.

Being in contact with Patrick every day, made a huge difference for me. I have learned how to discipline myself, how to maintain healthy habits, I have learned a lot during the training and I committed every single day for 30 days.

By the end of 30 days, I become a different person, a person with a strong personality, fully committed to take action and make a difference in the world.

Monica Moldovan, United Kingdom
Life Coach & Strategic Intervention Consultant